About us

Bad News Company is a brand that reflects on the life of the founder Davis Mola. Growing up in a bad environment called the streets it have played a major role on shaping the founder into who he is today. Going through life's up's and down's Davis have meet many personalities from different sub-cultures that have influence on what the brand represent. As a result Bad News Company was created. Being a natural born artist garments are the canvas that is used to interpret the visions of art. We started out doing small limited runs early in 2009 and officially became an established in 2013. Bad News Company went from an unknown brand which slowly grew into what it has become today. Our mission and determination is to have our own voice, identity, and make our own lane in this crowded industry.  We don't want to look like everyone else but to stand out and be recognized as Bad News Company when you see our products. We are not going to stop until it happens.